About On My Kitchen Counter

Welcome to On My Kitchen Counter. My name is Candida and I love to cook, eat and learn about food.

My goal in this little corner of the internet is to create and offer easy recipes that don’t use weird, shelf-cluttering ingredients or techniques that require a culinary degree. I also occasionally like to share great things I’ve been eating lately that haven’t come from my own kitchen.

I hope that sharing my experiments and knowledge with you will inspire you to cover your kitchen counter with the beginnings of a great meal.

6 thoughts on “About On My Kitchen Counter

  1. I came to your page through a comment you made to "My 65th Birthday". Your blog looks wonderful and I will have to try some of these delicious looking recipies. Many blessings to you and yours. SandyO
  2. Thanks for dropping by Main St. the other day. I do love what's on your kitchen counter...pumpkin Mac and cheese sounds amazing, especially with the chilly weather we've been having lately. :-)

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