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It’s been a fishy few weeks for the gentleman and I. Lots of fresh fish from great places, and I was compelled to document it. Here’s a bit of the seafood in my life lately. All the pics are taken with an iPhone. Not up to the usual standards, but some eats just need to be documented.

Putney Fish Monger

A couple of the fish monger’s wares… including the bass we ate for dinner.

In my gentleman and cooking partner’s neighborhood, there’s a great fishmonger who hangs out in a church yard, every weekend. He sells some great fish, straight from the south coast of England. When we stop by late in the afternoon, it’s pretty much a requirement to pick up the discounted scallops on a half-shell.


The gentleman took over scallop duty and we ended up with this amazing Alton Brown -inspired starter.

The scallops didn’t disappoint, especially when the gentleman popped them in the oven with breadcrumbs, tomatoes and loads of other great things. And those croutons – created from homemade sourdough bread.

And my contribution … Portland Bass stuffed with spinach, garlic and lemon. Tasty!!

Scotland does some pretty delicious fish. I am a bit of a smoked salmon addict, but visiting Edinburgh gave me a chance to have a lot more than just smoky pink fish.

We had dinner at a great place called Fishers in the City, which I’d recommend to any seafood-lover.

One langostine of many, primed for battle. I won, but not without some scars.

These guys were tough to eat – we both ended up with battle wounds – but they were well worth the effort. I kind of wish I had some right now…

Plaice fillets, smoked bacon, macadamia nut stuffing and beurre blanc at Fishes in Edinburgh.

What a combo! I would have never thought of stuffing fish with nuts, and then bacon, too? It worked though. It won’t be long before I have a cabinet full of nut butters.

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