How to… Chop An Onion

I can’t believe how much I let the holidays get the best of my posting schedule. It was a fantastic several weeks, including a trip back to New York for friends, family and of course… food, plus a trip to Edinburgh for the New Year celebrations.

Those two weeks were everything I could have asked for, and I even got a lightly dusted White Christmas! However, the one thing I didn’t do was cook a meal. It felt a bit weird, spending so much time out of the kitchen, though I’ll certainly be sharing some of my culinary inspirations in future recipes on here.

But, rather than share a recipe this week, I thought I’d start the year with a “how to” post. Hopefully this will help some people who want to learn to cook in 2013!

Once I learned this trick for chopping onions, I have never gone back. It makes the whole thing quick and easy, and even a bit fun! Hm… or maybe just fun for me.

I hope this tutorial will make your next (or first) onion-chopping experience a lot easier.


With a sharp knife (always!), chop the ends off your onion, and pull off the skin. 

how to chop an onion, step 1

Cut the onion in half. Your knife should be parallel to the flat ends of the onion.

how to chop an onion, step 2

Then, slice the halved onion in half again, but only 3/4 through. As you get more practice you can get closer to the edge without cutting through. (If you’re working with a small onion, you can skip this step.)

how to chop an onion, step 3


Remove the knife carefully and cut slices vertically into the onion.

how to chop an onion, step 4

Now, very gently turn the onion (or yourself) and cut perpendicular slices into the onion. 

how to chop an onion, step 5


And finally, you are left with a pile of chopped onion. Don’t forget about the other half!

how to chop an onion, step 6


Learning this skill made the arduous task of cutting onions much more bearable for me, and now I don’t actually mind chopping them. If only I had shortcuts for every other veggie I chopped, sliced and diced…


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