What I Ate for Easter 2013

Does 2 years make something a tradition? I’m going to say it does. This year, the gentleman and I continued our tradition of having another couple over for a joint-effort Easter meal. We tend to eat and drink a fair amount, in the most relaxing and comfortable way.

This year we took a break for the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, which was happening about 10 minutes away, by the River Thames. I’m still surprised they held it on Easter Sunday, but I guess they have a tradition to uphold, too. We probably could have gotten there earlier, but settled for seeing the boats start and nearly-seeing the big screen.

Our Sunday meal (a lunch-dinner-late night snack hybrid of all day eating) was so much fun to make, and even more fun to eat. It was a combined effort from all 4 of us, as I think the best shared meals are.

We started with pesto palmiers…

basil pesto palmiers

basil pesto palmiers

and parmesan and roasted garlic ones, too. 

roasted garlic parmesan palmiers

Plus, my favorite starter, herbed crepes with creme fraiche, cucumber and salmon.


And then, of course, the roasted lamb…

rosemary lamb

roasted lamb with rosemary

And for dessert: Meringues filled with lemon posset, home-whipped cream and fresh berries. A preview of spring on a plate. 

meringues and cream

And finally… the late night snack. Caramel peanut butter popcorn.

caramel peanut butter popcorn

Oh, but how could I forget? Spike the Belgian Chocolate Hedgehog.


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