Shrimp and Sausage Linguine – The Flavor Marriage

Sausage, Shrimp and Linguine

I was standing in the supermarket last week, thinking about what to make for dinner. Sometimes I plan meals for weeks in advance, and other times I show up in the produce section and hope for the best. With nothing calling to me, I went to my trusty delicious account (because yes, I still use delicious), where I have a stockpile of recipes waiting for me. I found one I’d saved more than a year ago from one of my favorite bloggers, Cooking in Sens, and knew it was meant to be.

Her recipe for Chorizo, Shrimp and Linguine had been waiting all this time for me to try, and I have to say that I’m upset I waited this long to do it. I did admittedly make one alteration out of convenience. Rather than use chorizo, I replaced it with a lovely French sausage that I’d picked up at one of the many London food markets. I’m not sure the name of my particular saucisson sec (dry-cured sausage) but I know exactly what to look for at any French sausage stall.

French Sausage

While I realize this is a pretty major adjustment, it certainly didn’t make this dish any less amazing. And by amazing I mean that just writing about it, I want to eat more. And more. Next time I find a Spanish market stall (or my Spanish flatmate brings some chorizo from home), I’m guaranteed to make this  again.

Considering how easy this dish is (and how boring so many easy pasta dishes can be), it’s a real testament that this works as well as it does. Seriously. Try this meal.

Serves: 2

On the Counter:

1/4 lb (113 g) or about 10 slices, quartered of French dry-cured sausage 
1.5 tbsp (26 ml) olive oil
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 large tomatoes, seeded and chopped
salt and pepper
crushed red pepper (chili) flakes (to your taste)
1/2 lb (250 g) raw shrimp
1/2 lb (250 g) whole wheat linguini
fresh chopped parsley
fresh chopped chives
(optional) freshly grated parmesan cheese

What to Do: 

In salted water, cook linguine until al dente. 

Meanwhile, saute the sausage for about 3-4 minutes and add garlic. Sautee for another 2 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes, a few grinds of salt and pepper, the pepper flakes and bring it to a boil. Turn it down to a simmer for about 8 minutes, or until tomatoes are breaking down. Add shrimp and cook for 4-5 minutes, until shrimp are just fully pink. 

Add linguine to the pan, toss to coat and put on a plate. Sprinkle with chopped chives, parsley and grated cheese. 

Cooking Sausage and Shrimp

This makes your kitchen smell divine and makes for a really lovely next-day meal, too… if it lasts that long.

2 thoughts on “Shrimp and Sausage Linguine – The Flavor Marriage

    • Thank you! :) I still have a bit of sausage left, so I'll probably be making this again soon... if I can stop snacking on it at every opportunity.

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