sweet potatoes and black beans burrito recipe

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos

Right now, I’m what you might call “between vacations”. Two weekends ago, the gentleman and I were in Barcelona, where we enjoyed our share of tapas, gin and wine. (There are some truly great gin bars there.) This past weekend, I trekked over to Wales to visit a friend there, and ate even more. Of…

guinness bread recipe

Guinness Bread

St. Patrick’s Day may be gone for this year, but this bread is good year-round. It’s a bit sweet, chewy and stouty.

chicken noodle soup recipe

Chicken Soup

This chicken soup may not be as easy as one out of a can, but it’s certainly tastier, heartier and the best company on a sick day.

coconut clam curry recipe

Coconut and Green Curry Clams

“Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” This recipe sang to me as I browsed through my library of links. The gentleman and I made it into the kitchen with a lovely set of Manila clams, direct from Poole, via our favorite fishmonger. These clams needed something special – a clay statue in their honor,…